Leasing rooms for festive and corporate events

The manor has not been fully renovated yet. Currently, the single-story wing of the manor (approximately 220 m2) that comprises an oval hall (45 m2) and two small wing lounges (total 25 m2) is ready for use. The wing of the manor also has two separate lounges (50 m2 and 12 m2). The wing includes a kitchen, two restrooms and a dressing room. The rooms are furnished. The rooms are suitable for organising festive events, also training sessions and seminars.
In the summer, events can be held in the private park behind the manor building and on the terrace of the wing building. There is suitable furniture and tents for holding outdoor events and there are toilets in the summerhouse.


Lease prices depend on the type and duration of the event.



Visiting the manor


We welcome groups wishing to visit the manor by pre-booking. Minimum price 50 euros (up to 20 people). In case of more than 20 people, additional 2 euros applies per visitor. The duration of the visit is approximately 1 hour.



Additional questions and price inquiries: info@kumnamõis.ee | info@kumnamanor.eu